Little Black Megan Dress

My first make of the year is, unfortunately, an unsuccessful one. I had a family party over the weekend and after my unsuccessful, and unblogged, Christmas dress, I decided that my first sewing project of the year would be a dress for the family party.

Look how beautiful it is!

As one of my new year’s resolutions is to use more of my sewing stash, I dug out some black cotton lawn and black devore style floral fabric and decided to make a Megan Dress. My first post on this blog was a modified Megan Dress but for this one, I decided to use the fitted skirt and the capped sleeves. The only modification I make was to line the bodice using the cotton lawn rather than facing it, using the method in ‘Love at First Stitch’.


Overall the dress looked really nice, with my girlfriend and my mum saying it looked like the kind of dress you could buy in the shops which was a huge compliment to me. The problem with it was that it was far too tight across the bodice. Having had a similar experience with the sleeves of the Mimi Blouse I made last year, I feel like this is part of the problem but I also think I am in need of retaking my measurements and maybe going up a pattern size in the Tilly patterns.

Really stretching across the front.

Luckily I brought a back up dress with me to the party and didn’t have to spend the evening with my arms pinned to my sides in fear of splitting a seam on the dress. For now, the dress can hang on my wall as a feature and maybe in the future I’ll alter it, but for now I have other patterns to tackle.


2 thoughts on “Little Black Megan Dress

  1. I think the dress looks great! I also find Tilly patterns can be a little hit and miss with the sizing – I’m always worried they’d come up either too big/small. Which, considering I actually interned at Tilly’s last summer, is surprising as you’d have thought I’d have had enough practice with them…


    1. Glad you like the dress, I love the fabric and style I just wish it was more comfortable! I’m usually fine with the patterns it’s just when sleeves are involved that my sizing goes out the window. Oh wow, that sounds like an incredible internship!

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