Polka Dot Francoise


Continuing my theme of Tilly and the Buttons patterns, today I’m talking about the dress I made from the Francoise dress pattern. I got the pattern as a birthday present way back in February and have only just got round to sewing it now!

(My very messy toile, please excuse the blurry picture)

I toiled both the sleeved and sleeveless versions of the dress and went with the sleeveless version this time. I’m in love with this pattern though so I’m sure I’ll make a sleeved version in the future. My fabric is a burgundy cotton with off-white polka dots. It doesn’t have much stretch but it holds the shape of the dress nicely. For the collar I used a heavier black cotton.
(The main parts of the dress all assembled)

Construction was easy as with all Tilly patterns I’ve used so far. I used shop bought binding instead of making my own because I’m lazy with that being the only real straying from the instructions.
(Just waiting for the invisible zip!)

I also got to do an invisible zip for the first time in a while and I even surprised myself with how invisible it is!
(Zipped up and ready for hemming and ironing!)

(All finished!)

This is probably my best make so far. It fits well and outwardly there’s nothing to make it look unprofessional. It feels like a real professional garment, something I am very happy with! It’s also really comfy. My only gripe with it is that it sticks to my tights/leggings when I’ve worn it out since making it. I’m going to have to make a slip to go under it but for my next Francoise, I think I’ll line it to stop that happening so much.


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