Making My Own Knickers


(The finished product -with the edge of my Francoise dress creeping into the corner)

I got Issue 9 of Simply Sewing and it came with a kit to make your own knickers so I decided to give it a go.

The kit came with:
– a fat quarter of 100% cotton
– a small piece of cotton jersey
– 2m of elasticated lace
– satin ribbon

I traced out the provided pattern in a size small based on my measurements and then started tracing and cutting my pieces. There’s only 3 so not too complicated so far.

Once everything was cut out I joined the front, back and gusset together before joining the side seams of the front and back together. The hardest part was attaching the elastic because you had to stretch it while you were sewing it down. For my first pair of knickers, they are pretty messy, with my zigzag stitch all over the place on the elastic. They do fit however and I’m looking to buy more elastic and jersey so that I can make a whole draw full of handmade knickers. If I have any Christmas fabric left over, I might even make a pair for Christmas!

Having worn them, I can also confirm that they do fit really well and are really comfy too. Now I just need to get my hands on some more elastic lace.


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