Making My Own Knickers


(The finished product -with the edge of my Francoise dress creeping into the corner)

I got Issue 9 of Simply Sewing and it came with a kit to make your own knickers so I decided to give it a go.

The kit came with:
– a fat quarter of 100% cotton
– a small piece of cotton jersey
– 2m of elasticated lace
– satin ribbon

I traced out the provided pattern in a size small based on my measurements and then started tracing and cutting my pieces. There’s only 3 so not too complicated so far.

Once everything was cut out I joined the front, back and gusset together before joining the side seams of the front and back together. The hardest part was attaching the elastic because you had to stretch it while you were sewing it down. For my first pair of knickers, they are pretty messy, with my zigzag stitch all over the place on the elastic. They do fit however and I’m looking to buy more elastic and jersey so that I can make a whole draw full of handmade knickers. If I have any Christmas fabric left over, I might even make a pair for Christmas!

Having worn them, I can also confirm that they do fit really well and are really comfy too. Now I just need to get my hands on some more elastic lace.


Mimi Out and About

I finished my Zebra print Mimi Blouse a few weeks ago and since then I’ve worn it a couple of times. Mostly to lectures under big cardigans as it’s autumn and the blouse is sleeveless. It’s a great blouse and addition to my wardrobe though and I’m really happy with it and wanted to share some pictures of me wearing it over the last few weeks.



It’s a really comfortable make and one that come better weather I know I’ll be wearing a lot!

Zebra Mimi Blouse


I finished my wearable toile of the Mimi Blouse from ‘Love at First Stitch’ almost a month ago with the intention to then make the real thing. And then uni started again and I put sewing on the back burner until last weekend when I decided to get my arse in gear and make this zebra patterned Mimi I’ve been telling myself I’ll make.

The only major change I made between this version and my toile was to make this blouse sleeveless. The sleeves on my gingham version were quite tight and I haven’t worked out how to redraft them to stop that yet. Instead I used bias binding to finish the armholes.


(The bodice pieces attached to the yoke)

My other challenge with this version of the blouse is that I was sewing with chiffon rather than cotton, something I haven’t done before and is a new challenge as the fabric frayed and slipped about more. Using lots of pins and finishing all the edges helped to combat these problems though.

(Collared and faced with the front pinned together)

Like with my last Mimi there are puckers in the collar and the facing and I think they’re more noticeable this time but I still like the look of the garment. I also spilt tea on one of the front bodice pieces while I was sewing but from a distance you can’t tell and it will come out in the wash!

This Mimi feels a lot messier but I’m also really pleased with it as it was my first time using chiffon and bias binding. I love the print too so I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m wearing it out and about!

Mimi and the Barons

I live in Lincoln, and over the summer to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta 25 Baron statues were dotted around the city. To commemorate the end of the installation, all 25 Barons were brought up to the grounds of Lincoln Castle for the public to see all together. I went up a few days before the exhibit closed and got a picture with ‘The Style Baron’. Fittingly I wore my gingham Mimi Blouse.


Wearing this blouse out made me realise how tight the sleeves fit which is definitely something I aim to fix next time I make a Mimi with sleeves. Other than that, I am very pleased with what was meant to be a mock up of the pattern.


Blouse: Mimi Blouse pattern from ‘Love at First Stitch’
Skirt: M&S
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Doc Martens

(Thank you again to my girlfriend for taking pictures of me wearing this)