Gingham Mimi Blouse

Continuing my theme of using patterns from ‘Love at First Stitch’, my latest pattern to use from the book was the Mimi Blouse. It uses a lot of techniques I haven’t tried for a long time including buttonholes and sleeves. I have some zebra print voile that I want to make this blouse out of but decided to make a wearable toile first from all the gingham that is sitting around in my fabric stash.

The only real problem I ran into with this pattern, was that my sewing machine ate one of the front bodice pieces when I was attaching it to yoke taking a huge chunk out of the bodice piece and the yoke. Luckily, it was only those two pieces that I couldn’t save and I had enough gingham lying around to cut two more pieces out and carry on with the make.


(With one front bodice piece attached to the yoke)

This was also my first time making a collar, something I’m really proud of, because it sits and looks like a collar! Sure, it’s a little bit puckered at the back but overall I am very pleased with it.


(Faced and collared)


(The checks on checks don’t really work, let’s be honest)

To give the shirt something to make it stand out, I used some big bright pink buttons from my stash for the front which surprisingly work really well. They match the ends of my hair and when I wore the shirt out the other day they also matched my shoes bringing the outfit together.


The fit on the blouse is also pretty good although the sleeves are quite tight which is something I need to look at fixing before making this up in my zebra fabric. Overall though, I am very pleased with this blouse pattern.


5 thoughts on “Gingham Mimi Blouse

  1. Cute top, and nice work on the collar. It’s pretty satisfying when you get to defeat something new like that so a bit of puckering is a small price to pay. I’ve just had the same issue with a shirt in progress -all then steam and ironing in the world isn’t making those puckers budge! Enjoy your new shirt : )


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