Fabric Haul!

I’ve had a few chances this summer to go home and visit my parents in Leeds. While I was there, I also made the time to visit the fabric stall in Leeds market where I’ve been buying my fabric since I started sewing. They always have high quality fabrics in every print under the sun and for the most reasonable prices I’ve found. If you’re in or around Leeds go check out B&M Fabrics in Kirkgate Market in the city centre. They have a stall inside the market and recently opened up a shop along the outside giving you even more fabric to choose from.

As for what I bought, this was purchased across two visits. I haven’t cut into any of this fabric yet but most of it has a project in mind that I will hopefully be sewing up between now and Christmas.


I picked up 3 metres of this burgundy polka dot cotton (A Rose and Hubble print I think) with the Tilly and the Buttons Francoise dress in mind. This is going to be my next project I think as the dress looks fairly easy and I think I’ll do the version with sleeves and maybe the collar.


This navy blue poppy print is another Rose and Hubble cotton however this is one I don’t have a definite item of clothing in mind for. I’m toying with the idea of a self-drafted midi skirt, much like the one I made earlier in the year as a more autumnal coloured skirt.



I’m not sure what type of fabric this is – I think maybe a polyester. All i know is that it’s slippy and will be another challenge given that I’m only really used to sewing with cotton. However, the zebra print was too lovely to resist and I’m going to make a Mimi Blouse from ‘Love at First Stitch’ with it – I even have some plain black buttons ready to go with it!


This daisy print is another polyester/viscose that I bought because it was too pretty for me to resist (a running theme with me when fabric shopping you’ll find) I’m in two minds with this. Part of me wants to make it into a Fifi pyjama set from Tilly and the Buttons, however another part of me wants to make it into a dress to actually show off how pretty I think this print is.

For my second fabric shopping trip I bought all of this:


Another polka dot cotton, this time in black and white. I got 3 metres because I may make a dress or  blouse (there’s a bowling shirt in one of the Great British Sewing Bee books that I want to try out.)


Some medium weight green cotton. This one has a definite project for it. The Arielle skirt by Tilly and the Buttons (are you sensing a theme with my sewing endeavours?) is the intended use for this. I have some silver buttons for the fastenings, although I’m still debating whether to try to lined version.


I saw this super soft and lightweight blue pineapple print cotton on my first fabric trip of the summer but having limited space to transport the already purchased fabric back home, I held off and hoped it would still be there when I came back. Thankfully it was, and taking it as a sign I decided to snap up 3 metres. This is either going to be a Lilou dress or a Mimi blouse I’m just trying to decide which I’d get the most wear out of.


Another polyester/viscose daisy print. I love daisy prints and I’ve seen so many lately that I had to get as many as I could to satisfy my craving for them. This will probably become a dress.


This was an impulse purchase but I’m so glad I bought it. Another viscose fabric, the elephant print is what caught my eye and I think I’ll make it into a blouse. I am very excited to sew this up because I really love this print.


And finally, I’ve begun the dive into the world of Christmas fabric. There was a lot of Christmas fabrics in the shop when I have getting my other fabrics but this dark green cotton with gold holly leaves and red-purple berries stood out to me. I’m going to make a Lilou dress from this and wear it over Christmas.

I have done some more fabric shopping this summer, ordering online from Abakhan Fabrics. Mostly I bought interfacing but I also picked up some other bits and pieces:


These 2 floral fabrics. They’re both curtain fabrics but have the weight and design of tapestry fabrics and I want to make either a dress or a skirt with structure from them both.

I also got some bias binding for a few projects and some buttons that I liked the look of but don’t have anything in mind for just yet.

That’s all the fabric I’ve bought and all I will be buying for a while now. I don’t think my bank balance can take any more fabric shopping.


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