Watermelon Print Lilou Dress

My second foray into dresses this year was another pattern from ‘Love at First Stitch’ and it was the Lilou dress, a dress that feels distinctly summery to me. For it then, I decided on a bright and definitely summery watermelon cotton. The 3 metres of watermelon fabric were bought as a birthday present from a friend and saved for this dress specifically. Originally for the lining I used a pale pink anti-static nylon lining that I usually use to line the midi skirts I made earlier in the year. However, I ran into a multitude of problem with this that lead to a lot of my watermelon fabric going to waste.

The first time I cut out the pattern pieces, constructing the watermelon bodice was simple as was the lining. Attaching the two together at the neckline was a breeze as well. But trying to attach the fashion fabric and lining at the armholes was when problems arose. The lining fabric was slipped around when I cut it out and so was too small to reach the armholes, significantly so. I tried unpicking the lining around the neckline but ended up butchering both the fashion and lining fabric and decided to do over with new pattern pieces.

Take two: the lining attached to the fashion fabric at the armholes – hoorah! With everything understitched and trimmed it was time to pull the back bodice pieces through themselves and turn the bodice the right way around. I began to do this only to be greeted with the tearing of the lining fabric. Again, fixing it butchered the fabric even more than it already was. Now having just watermelon fabric left to cut a bodice and a self drafted pleated skirt from I threw in the towel with the pink lining fabric and went to my local fabric shop and bought a few metres of blue-green poly-cotton which I knew wasn’t going to fray everywhere and ruin my dress.

Take three of the bodice looks like this:


I was very relieved when this attempt worked out and moved onto pleating a skirt to attach to the bottom and all the zips and finishing off resulted in:


I’ve worn the dress briefly to the shops but it’s been too cold to actually get some nice summery pictures of it in action. As soon as the sun makes a reappearance though I’ll be donning it for real and get some proper pictures!


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