Flamingo Print Megan Dress

The first make I wanted to write about on here was a dress I finished at the beginning of August. It’s the first dress I’ve made and been able to wear since the monstrosity that kickstarted this blog in the first place. The pattern I used was the Megan Dress from ‘Love at First Stitch’ by Tilly Walnes. I made some alterations to the pattern to fit my style but I’ll get to those later.

For the fabric, I used a navy blue cotton with a pink flamingo design on it for the bodice. Originally this was going to be for a skirt so I didn’t have enough to make the whole dress from and ended up getting some navy blue synthetic trouser material to cut the skirt from. The navy blue match isn’t exact but I wasn’t really expecting it to be.


I made the bodice up as a toile in some cream poly-cotton I had in my stash and, happy with the fit, I cut into my flamingo fabric and began to put it together. The bodice is fairly easy to put together with bust and waist darts and facings to bind the edges and give the bodice shape.


Up until this point I followed the pattern to the letter. However, the pattern called for capped sleeves which I didn’t really want as I knew it would make me less likely to wear the dress once it was finished. Instead I simply turned the raw edges of the armholes under once and stitched them down. After one wash, I noticed this has started to fray a little though, so I’ll be getting so bias binding to edge the armholes properly.

The skirt of the Megan dress is also meant to be a close fitting skirt, another part of the dress that didn’t hugely appeal to me as I wanted to my dress to be loose fitting and feel summery despite the navy base. I then decided to pleat my trouser material instead to give the skirt more volume. This gave me the desired effect on the skirt of my dress.Β I even edged it in pink ric-rac trim to match the flamingos on the bodice and break the skirt up a little!


All that was left to do then was to insert the zip into the back seam and hem the dress and then:


Ta-Da! Excuse the toilet and the terrible picture quality but I haven’t had chance to get a good close up of the dress so this will have to do. I’m pleased with my Megan dress. It’s not exactly the same as the pattern but it’s comfortable and cute. I’ll make another one in the future hopefully and this time maybe follow the pattern the whole way through!


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