Cloud Print Linden Sweatshirt

This year I want to sew with more knits so as a new year treat to myself I placed a Fabworks order and bought Grainline Studio’s Linden Sweatshirt pattern. The cloud print scuba from Fabworks is something I’ve had my eye on since I saw in on their website and when they announced it was nearly sold out, I snapped some up. I have enough left to make something else (maybe a skirt?) too. I also bought some magenta ponte from Boyes for the arms and bindings.

I had 2 attempts at this pattern, messing up the first time by stretching the neckline horribly out of shape trying to fit the neck band as well as only cutting one hem band and wondering why it was so small on the waist. In the end I decided to have another ago and also cut a bigger size. My first attempt was a size 0 but when trying it on, it was too close fitting for my liking (I buy my sweatshirts very oversized) so for the second attempt I cut a size 4. It’s still quite close fitting compared to some of my RTW sweatshirts but it’s roomy enough to fit a lot of layers underneath which is what I need!

The finished product – not sure how well it goes with my flowery skirt though!

The hardest part of this was getting the neckband to stretch but in the end I managed it though I think it sticks up a little too much – hopefully top stitching will help that. Overall, I like this pattern. It’s easy and enjoyable and once all the tracing and cutting is done, quick to sew up. I have some daisy print jersey that I might make a View B version of the pattern from in the future.


Little Black Megan Dress

My first make of the year is, unfortunately, an unsuccessful one. I had a family party over the weekend and after my unsuccessful, and unblogged, Christmas dress, I decided that my first sewing project of the year would be a dress for the family party.

Look how beautiful it is!

As one of my new year’s resolutions is to use more of my sewing stash, I dug out some black cotton lawn and black devore style floral fabric and decided to make a Megan Dress. My first post on this blog was a modified Megan Dress but for this one, I decided to use the fitted skirt and the capped sleeves. The only modification I make was to line the bodice using the cotton lawn rather than facing it, using the method in ‘Love at First Stitch’.


Overall the dress looked really nice, with my girlfriend and my mum saying it looked like the kind of dress you could buy in the shops which was a huge compliment to me. The problem with it was that it was far too tight across the bodice. Having had a similar experience with the sleeves of the Mimi Blouse I made last year, I feel like this is part of the problem but I also think I am in need of retaking my measurements and maybe going up a pattern size in the Tilly patterns.

Really stretching across the front.

Luckily I brought a back up dress with me to the party and didn’t have to spend the evening with my arms pinned to my sides in fear of splitting a seam on the dress. For now, the dress can hang on my wall as a feature and maybe in the future I’ll alter it, but for now I have other patterns to tackle.

New Year Sewing Resolutions

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but then it’s been a while since I had a chance to do some sewing – uni has been kicking my ass but with a week off I’m planning to catch up on the few bits I did get to make since I last blogged and hopefully do some more sewing.

I am hoping to sew more in 2016 and I’ve bought some patterns I’m hoping to make for myself and for others.

My first resolution is to work through my stash of fabric before I buy any more without a specific project in mind.

My second resolution is to try and sew more knit fabrics. I’ve got some cloud patterned scuba fabric on its way to me that I want to make a sweatshirt from that I’m looking forward to trying to make.

My first make of the new year is a dress for a family party that hopefully I’ll have finished and ready to blog in a couple of days!

Polka Dot Francoise


Continuing my theme of Tilly and the Buttons patterns, today I’m talking about the dress I made from the Francoise dress pattern. I got the pattern as a birthday present way back in February and have only just got round to sewing it now!

(My very messy toile, please excuse the blurry picture)

I toiled both the sleeved and sleeveless versions of the dress and went with the sleeveless version this time. I’m in love with this pattern though so I’m sure I’ll make a sleeved version in the future. My fabric is a burgundy cotton with off-white polka dots. It doesn’t have much stretch but it holds the shape of the dress nicely. For the collar I used a heavier black cotton.
(The main parts of the dress all assembled)

Construction was easy as with all Tilly patterns I’ve used so far. I used shop bought binding instead of making my own because I’m lazy with that being the only real straying from the instructions.
(Just waiting for the invisible zip!)

I also got to do an invisible zip for the first time in a while and I even surprised myself with how invisible it is!
(Zipped up and ready for hemming and ironing!)

(All finished!)

This is probably my best make so far. It fits well and outwardly there’s nothing to make it look unprofessional. It feels like a real professional garment, something I am very happy with! It’s also really comfy. My only gripe with it is that it sticks to my tights/leggings when I’ve worn it out since making it. I’m going to have to make a slip to go under it but for my next Francoise, I think I’ll line it to stop that happening so much.

Making My Own Knickers


(The finished product -with the edge of my Francoise dress creeping into the corner)

I got Issue 9 of Simply Sewing and it came with a kit to make your own knickers so I decided to give it a go.

The kit came with:
– a fat quarter of 100% cotton
– a small piece of cotton jersey
– 2m of elasticated lace
– satin ribbon

I traced out the provided pattern in a size small based on my measurements and then started tracing and cutting my pieces. There’s only 3 so not too complicated so far.

Once everything was cut out I joined the front, back and gusset together before joining the side seams of the front and back together. The hardest part was attaching the elastic because you had to stretch it while you were sewing it down. For my first pair of knickers, they are pretty messy, with my zigzag stitch all over the place on the elastic. They do fit however and I’m looking to buy more elastic and jersey so that I can make a whole draw full of handmade knickers. If I have any Christmas fabric left over, I might even make a pair for Christmas!

Having worn them, I can also confirm that they do fit really well and are really comfy too. Now I just need to get my hands on some more elastic lace.

Mimi Out and About

I finished my Zebra print Mimi Blouse a few weeks ago and since then I’ve worn it a couple of times. Mostly to lectures under big cardigans as it’s autumn and the blouse is sleeveless. It’s a great blouse and addition to my wardrobe though and I’m really happy with it and wanted to share some pictures of me wearing it over the last few weeks.



It’s a really comfortable make and one that come better weather I know I’ll be wearing a lot!